Featured Students

Featured Students

  • Student Success: Drew Fleischman

    Drew Fleischman

    Drew Fleischman (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at WSU pursuing small animal emergency medicine. A California native, he graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Animal Biology and made the journey to Washington in the fall of 2015 for veterinary school. Since arriving, Drew has enjoyed the Palouse and all the opportunities WSU has to offer. He currently works in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital ICU as a veterinary assistant and as a teaching assistant in the WSU Clinical Simulation Center. When he isn’t on campus, Drew enjoys hiking with his dog Rowdy and watching scary movies with his friends.

  • Student Success: Jenny Lee

    Jenny Lee with Microscope

    Jenny Lee (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with a small animal medicine interest. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, Jenny gained an interest in veterinary medicine after volunteering as an adoption counselor and shadowing the shelter veterinarian. The best part of being at the shelter was having the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences such as safe animal handling and post-surgical monitoring. She further pursued her dream by getting a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology and also worked as a veterinary assistant for a year before applying to WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. As a veterinary student, she is involved with Radiology club (Event Coordinator), Veterinary Business Management Association (member) and is also a Nestlé-Purina Student Representative. After she graduates in 2019, she plans to complete a small animal internship before pursuing a radiology residency to further challenge herself. During her free time, she enjoys going for a long walk with her 10-year-old Maltese mix named Kye.

  • Student Success: Jared Oldham

    Jared Oldham WY Sheep

    Jared Oldham (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with special interest in large animal medicine and theriogenology. He is currently a resident of Wyoming, but is originally from New Mexico, specifically the Navajo Nation Indian reservation where his passion for livestock was initiated in his father’s veterinary clinic. His family owns a ranch with 500 commercial cows, 30 horses, 60 show sheep, and recently opened The Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary. He attended Casper College while serving as a Wyoming State FFA officer. Jared then transferred to Kansas State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While attending Casper College and Kansas State University Jared participated on their collegiate livestock judging teams. While a veterinarian student at WSU Jared has enjoys being highly active in many clubs including serving as Theriogenology Club President. Jared’s tentative plan is to own a mixed-animal private practice preferably with focus on large animals.

  • Student Success: Sarah Broom

    Sarah Broom with Dog

    Sarah Broom (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student interested in small animal neurology and integrative medicine. From a young age, Sarah knew she wanted to pursue a career as a veterinarian, and joining dog 4-H in second grade further sparked her interest in science and animal health. Sarah grew up in western Washington and decided to stay close to home for her undergraduate education, receiving her bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington State University Vancouver. After attending DVM@WSU and touring Pullman as an undergrad with her mom, they both knew that the supportive environment and wonderful education that WSU College of Veterinary Medicine provides was the perfect fit. Sarah enjoys being involved in school-related activities, and is the President of Canine Club, a member of the Holistic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Clubs, and acts as the Class of 2019 Curriculum Committee Representative. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys spending time with her beloved Basset Hounds and attending dog shows. She is also still involved in the same 4-H club she joined seventeen years ago as a co-Leader during the summers and loves teaching kids about dog training, health, and responsible dog ownership. When she graduates, she plans to complete an internship and residency in neurology, with the goal to return to western Washington to work in a veterinary specialty hospital.

  • Student Success: Grant Little

    Grant Little

    Grant Little (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University, and is pursuing the life of a mixed animal practitioner. Grant grew up in the cornhusker state of Nebraska and always had an appreciation for science, but didn’t know where it would lead him. After witnessing an orthopedic surgery at a small animal clinic, he fell in love with veterinary medicine and chased after it from that point forwards. He graduated from The University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he majored in Biology, before joining the family at WSU. He felt that WSU offered quality interaction with teachers and hands on experience that would shape his foundation as a veterinarian. In addition to the medical education at WSU, Grant is involved with business training in the Veterinary Business Management Association Club and served as an officer throughout his first few years. He hopes to use that training to one day open a mixed animal clinic in the Midwest near his hometown. Grant’s time away from school is spent relaxing with his wife Kayla and their two kids while enjoying movie nights, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and attending WSU football games.

  • Student Success: Zach Damby

    Zach Damby

    Zach Damby (’19 DVM) is a second year veterinary student at Washington State University.  Zach is originally from Lewistown, Montana where his father is currently a mixed animal veterinarian.  He attended his first year of vet school on the Bozeman campus of the WIMU program and received his undergraduate degree in biology from Gonzaga University.  Growing up around the profession, he developed both a strong stomach and a deep-seated respect for the hard but satisfying work of a veterinarian.  He raised sheep as a 4-H project that spanned ten years and formed an affinity for working with them and other small ruminants during that time.  At WSU, he is involved in Theriogenology Club, Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA), and is the current vice president of Small Ruminant Club.  Zach enjoys spending his free time in the pursuit of fresh air through skiing, hiking, biking, and running.  He is a proud Zag and member of the coed rec-league intramural flag football team ‘Bearclaw.’

  • Student Success: Jessie Frazier

    Jessie Frazier

    Jessie Frazier Turner (‘19 DVM) is a second year veterinary student interested in mixed animal practice and shelter medicine. Arriving in the veterinary field from a slightly backwards approach, it wasn’t until after completion of her undergraduate degrees that Jessie realized her true ambitions were in veterinary medicine.  Combining her love of animals, interest in medical sciences, and her work and volunteer history, the native Idahoan found nearby WSU’s diverse education and supportive community to be the perfect place to pursue her newly discovered DVM aspirations. Jessie is active in many veterinary clubs, including President-Elect of the Shelter Medicine Club and Secretary of the Dental Club. She also works part-time in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s clinical pathology lab, taking full advantage of the learning opportunities available to WSU’s vet students. When Jessie graduates with her DVM in 2019, she hopes to return to Boise as a mixed animal clinician and regularly volunteer her services to local animal shelters. She hopes to pay forward the wonderful mentorship she received as an aspiring veterinarian to other hopeful Idaho students. Currently Jessie lives in Pullman and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her husband and two rescue dogs.

  • Student Success: Jeremy Perera

    Jeremy Perera

    Jeremy Perera (’19 DVM) is a second year veterinary student at Washington State University specializing in small animal medicine. Originally from the University of Nevada, Reno, he grew a passion for working with animals and their owners while employed at a local clinic in the area. He studied biology at Nevada before moving north to Washington State. During his undergraduate career he had a range of professional interests including work with fisheries biologists at the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and he even worked as a batboy for the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league baseball team, the Reno Aces. Jeremy is a WICHE recipient from his home state, an active member of the Veterinary Business Management Association, and is the Class of 2019’s Class Sheriff. He also works as a necropsy technician in the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab on campus. After graduation he plans to practice in his hometown with ambition to one day open his own practice. In his free time Jeremy takes on hobbies including backpacking, fishing, and rock climbing. Although he is still looking to adopt the perfect furry friend, life surrounded by veterinary students has not hindered his amount of canine companions.

  • Student Success: Todd Winzer

    Todd Winzer

    Todd Winzer ('16 DVM) is a fourth year student at WSU, who is working toward becoming a mixed animal veterinarian somewhere in the rural West. Making the decision between pursuing a career as a beef cattle producer and a veterinarian was a hard one for him to make. It was a struggle between the love of ranching and the love of higher learning and discovery. In the end, he decided that being a veterinarian working for cattle producers offered the best of both worlds. The road to veterinary school was somewhat circuitous for Todd. Two colleges, a year deployment to the Middle East with the Uncle Sam, and marriage all aided in shaping his perspective and shifted his decision toward becoming a veterinarian. WSU was the obvious choice for him because he already lived in Pullman and knew that WSU offered a balanced education in both food and companion animals. The application process was difficult for him, because he did not have very much clinical veterinary experience. In preparation for the application cycle, he did make sure to spend half a day per week with a veterinarian in a small town near Pullman. With an interview light on veterinary experience, but heavy on life experiences and community involvement, he was accepted into the WSU veterinary program. One of his favorite parts about WSU is the community atmosphere at school. He has gotten to know many of his professors well, and enjoys dropping by and visiting with them periodically throughout the year. Also, he plays softball, volleyball, and basketball with classmates in Pullman city league teams and WSU intramural teams. Overall, he and his wife thoroughly enjoy their life on The Palouse at Washington State University.

  • Student Success: Zach Warmenhoven

    Zach Warmenhoven (WA)

    Zach Warmenhoven (’13 BS ’17 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with an interest in biomedical research. Zach, originally from Kettle Falls, Washington, spent time as both a Persian linguist in the US Air Force and a commercial fishing boat captain in Alaska before deciding to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. While finishing a bachelor’s in animal sciences, Zach began working in WSU’s Equine Surgery Department as an emergency veterinary technician his year before matriculating into the College of Veterinary Medicine. Working in the hospital, he garnered experience and skills that are serving him now in his studies. Shortly into his first year of the veterinary program he began working in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Harding, assisting in research projects aimed at developing novel treatments for debilitating neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Compelled by the science and groundbreaking work of the laboratory, Zach has since begun leading investigations in animal models into the treatment of multiple sclerosis. His goal is to use his education in veterinary medicine and experience in the laboratory to serve as a liaison between scientists’ novel ideas for treating devastating diseases and the animal models upon which they are developed. Zach, with his wife and son, are fond of the seasonally scenic landscape that the Palouse offers and pleased with the family friendly environment that WSU provides. Zach hopes to remain in Pullman for a period after graduating from the DVM program in order to pursue a PhD in neuroscience.