Featured Students

Featured Students

  • Student Success: Jessica Martin-Harris

    Jessica Martin and her dogs

    Jessica Martin-Harris (’20 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with an interest in mixed animal medicine and practice ownership. Born and raised in northern Nevada, Jessica was not always interested in veterinary medicine.  The sight of blood used to make her faint until she participated in dissections in high school through FFA.  Jessica’s passion continued to grow for medicine as she competed with FFA, worked on a Friesian breeding ranch, and began an internship at a small animal clinic.  She then completed her bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno.  After graduation, WSU was the perfect choice for veterinary school.  The environment at WSU is so welcoming and friendly.  The professors and staff are very invested in the students’ learning and take an interest in their future goals.  It is great being part of a class that feels like a community as opposed to competing with each other.  As a WSU veterinary student, Jessica is involved with or serves as an officer for multiple clubs like Shelter Medicine, Aquatics Club, Veterinary Business Management Association, Small Ruminant Club, and Foal Team.  Jessica also participated in the Agriculture Animal Rotation over summer where she gained hands on experience by working on many cases like premature goats.  This experience showed her the wonderful environment at WSU where she was able to apply her knowledge early on in her education and be in the hospital interacting with clients.  When Jessica graduates in 2020, she hopes to return to Nevada to work in a mixed animal practice for mentorship before building a practice of her own. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs Sophie, Dixie, and Missy.  She also loves spending time with her horse Lacey or hanging out with friends.

  • Student Success: Nathan Cherzan

    Nate Cherzan

    Nathan Cherzan (’20 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University interested in small animal medicine. He decided to become a veterinarian when he discovered his interest in medicine and his passion for animals at a young age. He continued his interest through his undergraduate education at WSU where he received a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Animal Science.  As a WSU veterinary student he is involved in several different capacities. Nathan is the Class of 2020 president, and a WSU CVM research fellow who studies the interaction between plague and its flea vector. He is also the vice president for the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) in which he helps organize the Business Certification Program that WSU VBMA offers. This program affords students the opportunity to learn about the business side of veterinary medicine during their education as well as gives them the tools necessary to manage personal finances and student debt after graduation. When Nathan graduates in 2020, he plans on working for a small animal practice to refine his medical skills before looking to purchase a practice later on in his career. When he is not working, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

  • Student Success: Madison Parker

    Madison Parker and her dog

    Maddie Parker (’20 DVM) is a third year student at Washington State University, with an interest in small animal medicine, especially shelter medicine, behavior, and wildlife.  Originally from Montana, Maddie found a love for animals and medicine working in a small animal practice.  She went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in anthrozoology where a large part of her education focused on the human-animal bond and training.  As a member of the WIMU Regional Program, Maddie attended her first year of the program in Bozeman, Montana where she was able to gain a large amount of hands on experience.  Maddie has combined her love of travel with her studies and has participated in multiple Remote Area Veterinary Service (RAVS) trips through the Humane Society of the United States traveling to Arizona to treat animals.  She also spent part of a summer in South Africa working alongside a wildlife veterinarian.  During her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at the shelter working with the dogs and cats on behavioral modifications.  After graduation, Maddie plans on returning to Montana to work in a small animal practice and volunteer some of her time to the shelter.

  • Student Success: Brigitte Butler

    Brigitte Butler

    Brigitte Butler (’20 DVM), a second-year veterinary student at Washington State University, is currently interested in small animal medicine. While she is originally from Washington, she attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree and spent a year working in downtown Chicago at a small animal clinic. She first realized her passion for animals while on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico where she built houses for impoverished families. While all of her friends played with the local children, she packed extra sandwiches for the stray dogs. While at Michigan, Brigitte realized her love for animals could become a career, so she pursued a biology degree and applied to veterinary school. Brigitte ultimately decided on WSU while shadowing Dr. Parish in the large animal barn at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and found that the dedication to education and sense of community at WSU was what would make her a successful veterinarian. Brigitte is the Vice President of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) and planned the first WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Wellness Week for the CVM student body. She also works as an assistant in the Small Animal Intensive Care Unit at the VTH and received the Ron and Sheila Pera Scholarship Award in 2017. When she graduates in 2020, she hopes to work in a small animal practice to gain experience and expertise and then eventually hopes to start her own practice. In her spare time, she likes to workout at Pullman Crossfit, train for marathons, and cook.

  • Student Success: Garrett Ryerson

    Garrett Ryerson

    Garrett Ryerson (’20 DVM) is a second year veterinary student who looks forward to practicing mixed animal medicine. Originally from Helena, MT, he attended his first year of veterinary school at Montana State University through the WIMU Regional Program before joining the rest of his class in Pullman. He has always been passionate about science and animals in particular, majoring in biology and minoring in anthrozoology during undergraduate school at Carroll College. Later, when applying to veterinary schools he knew that the WIMU Regional Program was suited to his needs after spending time at the campus in Bozeman.  From the small class sizes, to the outstanding faculty it was a sure fit! As a WSU veterinary student he has become very involved and serves as a class representative for the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) and the secretary of the WSU Pathology club, a position which allowed him to attend the national pathology conference this fall in Vancouver, BC. Since transitioning to Pullman, he has developed a major interest in the business aspect of veterinary medicine and is an officer on the executive board for the Veterinary Business Management Association. When he graduates in 2020, Garrett plans to work in a mixed animal practice and eventually venture into practice ownership. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking, trail running and generally spending as much time in the outdoors as possible!

  • Student Success: Tara Beyerlin

    Tara Beyerlin

    Third year veterinary student Tara Beyerlin (’19 DVM) knew she wanted to become a veterinarian from a very young age. As a child she referred to her dream job as “vetress” for career day in elementary school, because to her that meant a female veterinarian. Growing up, Tara showed Brown Swiss dairy cattle in 4-H and FFA which helped solidify her interest in working with large animals. She then went on to pursue her first bachelor’s degree in animal sciences with a minor in dairy cattle management at Washington State University before applying to the veterinary program. After an unsuccessful interview, Tara continued to persevere, and obtained a second degree in zoology as well as gaining additional experience in the veterinary field. Finally, in 2015, she excitedly joined the Class of 2019 and began working towards her lifelong dream. As a WSU veterinary student, Tara serves as the social chair for her class council board and enjoys building the comradery within the CVM. She also enjoys gaining hands-on experience working as an ICU assistant at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and being a volunteer for the on-call colic team. Outside of veterinary school, Tara is an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, and helped found the university’s climbing club her first year in vet school.

  • Student Success: Katelyn Littleton

    Katelyn Littleton

    Katelyn Littleton (’20 DVM), a second year veterinary student at WSU originally from New Mexico, is interested in large animal medicine with a focus in equine general practice. She began riding horses with her mom at a young age, and her passion for all things equine continued through high school and college during which she competed competitively. At the same time, Katelyn was developing a love for the sciences thanks to her fantastic high school teachers. It wasn’t until completing her undergraduate degree in animal science at Texas Tech University that Katelyn also discovered the importance of veterinary medicine in the agriculture industry, and she hopes that she can incorporate this into her future practice as well.

    As a WSU veterinary student, Katelyn is involved in leadership as the Class of 2020 secretary and as the WSU American Association of Equine Practitioners fundraising chair. Additionally, Katelyn is a member of the Theriogenology and Agricultural Animal clubs. She has spent the last two summers pursuing an education in equine medicine at Mobile Veterinary Practice, an equine hospital in Amarillo, Texas. Katelyn’s fiancé Corey, who she met during undergraduate school, works in Amarillo, and she enjoys the opportunity to visit him during breaks from school. Together, Katelyn and Corey have two horses, Scout and Odie, two dogs who are in Washington with Katelyn, Cleo and Josie, and one cat named Mattie. In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys CrossFit, and she knows that being able to take a break from school is essential to her success as a student.

  • Student Success: Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller (’20 DVM) is pursuing a career in research. While obtaining his degree in animal and veterinary sciences at the University of Wyoming, Jon’s involvement in a laboratory investigating brucellosis sparked an interest in infectious diseases. His involvement in research programs and internships motivated him to apply to the Washington State University veterinary program. At WSU Jon works in a laboratory studying viruses through the Research Scholars Program. He also enjoys volunteering at the Whitman County Humane Society through the WSU Shelter Training Program. Jon was the recipient of the Oliver Milton Foster Scholarship in 2016 and the John & Marilyn Frederic Memorial Scholarship in 2017. When he graduates, he plans to pursue a PhD and use his expertise as a veterinarian to find solutions to diseases of animals and humans alike. In his spare time, Jon can be found playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee or pampering his cat, Rogue.

  • Student Success: Lida Gehlen

    Lida Gehlen

    Lida Gehlen (’19 DVM), a third year veterinary student at Washington State University, is interested in both small and exotic animal medicine. Originally from California, Lida’s passion for animal science began she started raising backyard chickens. She went on to get her bachelor’s of animal biology and master’s of avian science degrees before applying to the WSU veterinary program. As a WSU veterinary student, she serves as her class president, is involved in multiple clubs, and is a Purina student representative. When she graduates in 2019, Lida plans to work as an associate veterinarian in a practice with a particular interest in oncology. In her spare time, she enjoys going to Zumba, paddle boarding, playing ultimate Frisbee and relaxing with her hedgehog Watson.

  • Student Success: Jalise Zumstein

    Jalise Zumstein and her dogs

    Jalise Zumstein (’19 DVM), a third-year veterinary student, has always wanted to pursue a career in small animal emergency and critical care. Originally from Washington State, Jalise took two years off after completing her undergraduate degree in biology at WSU to move to Idaho and explore veterinary medicine opportunities within the government. She spent time working at an emergency clinic and with military working dogs on an air force base before applying to veterinary school. As a student at WSU, she spends most her time working with the transfusion team collecting blood from dog and cat donors to help patients in the ICU. When not busy working Jalise is president of the WSU Chapter of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association where she helps plan, organize and carryout events for the students. When she graduates in 2019, she plans to pursue a rotating small animal internship.