Featured Students

Featured Students

  • Student Success: Katelyn Littleton

    Katelyn Littleton

    Katelyn Littleton (’20 DVM), a second year veterinary student at WSU originally from New Mexico, is interested in large animal medicine with a focus in equine general practice. She began riding horses with her mom at a young age, and her passion for all things equine continued through high school and college during which she competed competitively. At the same time, Katelyn was developing a love for the sciences thanks to her fantastic high school teachers. It wasn’t until completing her undergraduate degree in animal science at Texas Tech University that Katelyn also discovered the importance of veterinary medicine in the agriculture industry, and she hopes that she can incorporate this into her future practice as well.

    As a WSU veterinary student, Katelyn is involved in leadership as the Class of 2020 secretary and as the WSU American Association of Equine Practitioners fundraising chair. Additionally, Katelyn is a member of the Theriogenology and Agricultural Animal clubs. She has spent the last two summers pursuing an education in equine medicine at Mobile Veterinary Practice, an equine hospital in Amarillo, Texas. Katelyn’s fiancé Corey, who she met during undergraduate school, works in Amarillo, and she enjoys the opportunity to visit him during breaks from school. Together, Katelyn and Corey have two horses, Scout and Odie, two dogs who are in Washington with Katelyn, Cleo and Josie, and one cat named Mattie. In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys CrossFit, and she knows that being able to take a break from school is essential to her success as a student.

  • Student Success: Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller (’20 DVM) is pursuing a career in research. While obtaining his degree in animal and veterinary sciences at the University of Wyoming, Jon’s involvement in a laboratory investigating brucellosis sparked an interest in infectious diseases. His involvement in research programs and internships motivated him to apply to the Washington State University veterinary program. At WSU Jon works in a laboratory studying viruses through the Research Scholars Program. He also enjoys volunteering at the Whitman County Humane Society through the WSU Shelter Training Program. Jon was the recipient of the Oliver Milton Foster Scholarship in 2016 and the John & Marilyn Frederic Memorial Scholarship in 2017. When he graduates, he plans to pursue a PhD and use his expertise as a veterinarian to find solutions to diseases of animals and humans alike. In his spare time, Jon can be found playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee or pampering his cat, Rogue.

  • Student Success: Lida Gehlen

    Lida Gehlen

    Lida Gehlen (’19 DVM), a third year veterinary student at Washington State University, is interested in both small and exotic animal medicine. Originally from California, Lida’s passion for animal science began she started raising backyard chickens. She went on to get her bachelor’s of animal biology and master’s of avian science degrees before applying to the WSU veterinary program. As a WSU veterinary student, she serves as her class president, is involved in multiple clubs, and is a Purina student representative. When she graduates in 2019, Lida plans to work as an associate veterinarian in a practice with a particular interest in oncology. In her spare time, she enjoys going to Zumba, paddle boarding, playing ultimate Frisbee and relaxing with her hedgehog Watson.

  • Student Success: Jalise Zumstein

    Jalise Zumstein and her dogs

    Jalise Zumstein (’19 DVM), a third-year veterinary student, has always wanted to pursue a career in small animal emergency and critical care. Originally from Washington State, Jalise took two years off after completing her undergraduate degree in biology at WSU to move to Idaho and explore veterinary medicine opportunities within the government. She spent time working at an emergency clinic and with military working dogs on an air force base before applying to veterinary school. As a student at WSU, she spends most her time working with the transfusion team collecting blood from dog and cat donors to help patients in the ICU. When not busy working Jalise is president of the WSU Chapter of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association where she helps plan, organize and carryout events for the students. When she graduates in 2019, she plans to pursue a rotating small animal internship.

  • Student Success: Chase Staker

    Chase Staker

    Chase Staker (’19 DVM) is a veterinary student at Washington State University with a special interest in large animal medicine. Currently, Chase is in his third year in the veterinary program. Growing up on his family ranch in Idaho, Chase developed an interest and passion for agriculture and has pursued a career in veterinary medicine to be active in and positively contribute to that industry. Chase received his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Brigham Young University- Idaho prior to coming to Washington State. To prepare himself for a future in the livestock industry, Chase has spent much of his time as an intern at various large animal veterinary clinics, beef productions, and equine facilities. Chase hopes to someday own his own large animal practice in a community where he and his wife Jami can raise their family in an industry that has brought them so much joy and value.

  • Student Success: Elena Combs

    Elena Combs with horse

    Elena Combs (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with a passion for large animal medicine. Originally from Missoula, Montana, Elena’s interest in veterinary medicine began with a love of science and her first horse Maybelle. She pursued this interest by getting a bachelor’s degree in animal science at Montana State University in 2015. While at MSU, Elena reconnected with her family’s beef production background. Elena enjoys experiencing new things and had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to experience the culture and work alongside a veterinarian for three weeks. Elena was accepted into the WIMU Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine and completed her first year of veterinary school in Bozeman, Montana. Elena is currently a member of the Theriogenology Club and Agricultural Animal Club. She is the treasurer of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and is co/vice president for the class of 2019 student council. Following graduation, Elena plans to do an internship in large animal medicine. She has interests in large animal internal medicine and theriogenology and is excited about the many possibilities veterinary medicine has to offer. Elena hopes to return to Montana to work as a large animal veterinarian, predominantly equine and bovine. Elena enjoys horseback riding, hunting, fishing, hiking and working out. She also enjoys playing with her miniature dachshund Maycee.

  • Student Success: Drew Fleischman

    Drew Fleischman

    Drew Fleischman (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at WSU pursuing small animal emergency medicine. A California native, he graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Animal Biology and made the journey to Washington in the fall of 2015 for veterinary school. Since arriving, Drew has enjoyed the Palouse and all the opportunities WSU has to offer. He currently works in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital ICU as a veterinary assistant and as a teaching assistant in the WSU Clinical Simulation Center. When he isn’t on campus, Drew enjoys hiking with his dog Rowdy and watching scary movies with his friends.

  • Student Success: Jenny Lee

    Jenny Lee with Microscope

    Jenny Lee (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with a small animal medicine interest. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, Jenny gained an interest in veterinary medicine after volunteering as an adoption counselor and shadowing the shelter veterinarian. The best part of being at the shelter was having the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences such as safe animal handling and post-surgical monitoring. She further pursued her dream by getting a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology and also worked as a veterinary assistant for a year before applying to WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. As a veterinary student, she is involved with Radiology club (Event Coordinator), Veterinary Business Management Association (member) and is also a Nestlé-Purina Student Representative. After she graduates in 2019, she plans to complete a small animal internship before pursuing a radiology residency to further challenge herself. During her free time, she enjoys going for a long walk with her 10-year-old Maltese mix named Kye.

  • Student Success: Jared Oldham

    Jared Oldham WY Sheep

    Jared Oldham (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student at Washington State University with special interest in large animal medicine and theriogenology. He is currently a resident of Wyoming, but is originally from New Mexico, specifically the Navajo Nation Indian reservation where his passion for livestock was initiated in his father’s veterinary clinic. His family owns a ranch with 500 commercial cows, 30 horses, 60 show sheep, and recently opened The Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary. He attended Casper College while serving as a Wyoming State FFA officer. Jared then transferred to Kansas State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While attending Casper College and Kansas State University Jared participated on their collegiate livestock judging teams. While a veterinarian student at WSU Jared has enjoys being highly active in many clubs including serving as Theriogenology Club President. Jared’s tentative plan is to own a mixed-animal private practice preferably with focus on large animals.

  • Student Success: Sarah Broom

    Sarah Broom with Dog

    Sarah Broom (’19 DVM) is a third year veterinary student interested in small animal neurology and integrative medicine. From a young age, Sarah knew she wanted to pursue a career as a veterinarian, and joining dog 4-H in second grade further sparked her interest in science and animal health. Sarah grew up in western Washington and decided to stay close to home for her undergraduate education, receiving her bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington State University Vancouver. After attending DVM@WSU and touring Pullman as an undergrad with her mom, they both knew that the supportive environment and wonderful education that WSU College of Veterinary Medicine provides was the perfect fit. Sarah enjoys being involved in school-related activities, and is the President of Canine Club, a member of the Holistic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Clubs, and acts as the Class of 2019 Curriculum Committee Representative. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys spending time with her beloved Basset Hounds and attending dog shows. She is also still involved in the same 4-H club she joined seventeen years ago as a co-Leader during the summers and loves teaching kids about dog training, health, and responsible dog ownership. When she graduates, she plans to complete an internship and residency in neurology, with the goal to return to western Washington to work in a veterinary specialty hospital.