Northwest Bovine Veterinary Experience Program

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Northwest Bovine Veterinary Experience Program

NBVEP GroupThe Northwest Bovine Veterinary Experience Program (NW-BVEP) is designed to expose veterinary students to the Northwest's large scale cattle facilities and management (Year 1) and then to mentoring by practicing food animal veterinarians (Year 2). Each participant will spend six weeks during the summer working on a dairy farm or local food animal veterinary practice. The goals of this program are to engage veterinary students early in their veterinary education and training to expose them to industry- relevant livestock operations and to the veterinarians who service those operations. The overriding goals are to increase the number of veterinary students who are interested in agriculture animal veterinary medicine as a career, to expose students to the realities of modern food production, and to increase the number of food service veterinarians.



The student will work with the owner or herdsman to learn about and work at the major jobs on the facility. At a dairy, the areas of training would include delivering and raising calves, milking, feeding, breeding, and treating sick cows, record keeping, and working with the veterinarian. At a feedlot, the areas of training will include handling cattle, detection of sick animals, receiving, processing, starting cattle on feed, loading-out of nished cattle, working with personnel at the feedmill, feed truck drivers, processing/hospital crew, and assisting veterinarians.



Successful Year 1 applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the Year 2 training experience. The goal is to get students hands-on training and relevant clinical experience early in their veterinary education which they can build upon in more advanced courses. During Year 2, students will work with veterinarians and/or veterinary groups that service livestock operations. Students also may have the opportunity to participate in clinical investigations being conducted at these operations.



NBVEP Calves"The opportunity to spend six weeks on one dairy is unique and very valuable. I was able to gain a more thorough understanding of the complexities of dairy management and the critical role of the veterinarian." – Abbi Olson ('16 DVM) from Washington


For additional information about NWBVEP please contact Dr. Andy Allen.