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Undergraduate Studies

A solid and broad undergraduate experience is a crucial foundation for the successful completion of the veterinary curriculum. Most students take three to four years of undergraduate coursework, then apply to a four-year professional program in veterinary medicine. Applicants can major in any subject area, and are evaluated based on the rigor of the coursework completed as requirement of that major.  We encourage students to major in a topic they are passionate about and in which they feel they could make a career in the event they do not attend veterinary school. In order to apply to the professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine it is important that you have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites.

WSU Undergraduate Early Acceptance Programs

Highly motivated and uniquely qualified individuals may gain early acceptance (pre-admission) and early entry (admission) into the professional veterinary medical program. In cooperation with the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, the WSU Honors College offers the Honors Pre-Admit Veterinary Medicine Program and the Department of Animal Sciences offers the Combined Program in Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. These programs share the common goal of identifying and retaining highly qualified students early in their undergraduate programs by offering an opportunity to gain pre-admission into the professional program at the end of their first undergraduate year.

A student who is not selected to participate in one of the early acceptance and entry programs, or who fails to maintain the high academic standard, may enter the general applicant pool and become eligible to apply to the professional program as soon as requirements for general application have been fulfilled.

Honors Pre-Admit Program in Veterinary Medicine

All WSU Honors College students enrolled in participating pre-veterinary programs–including animal sciences, neuroscience, wildlife ecology, microbiology, and zoology–are eligible to apply for early acceptance and entry into the professional program. These students may only apply and interview for early acceptance and entry one time following their WSU freshman undergraduate year. Please note that pre-admitted Honors College students must complete an honors thesis prior to matriculation into the DVM program. Pre-admitted Honors College students are advised by the Honors College, the WSU pre-veterinary advisor, and their academic program. For more information, please visit the Honors College website.

Combined Program in Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

The WSU Department of Animal Sciences offers students selected from its undergraduate program an opportunity to participate in its combined program to attract and retain highly qualified candidates with specific career interest in production animal medicine. Selection is by invitation only and requires a minimum entering high school GPA of 3.6 and significant experience with food-producing animals. Students are advised through the Department of Animal Sciences and the WSU pre-veterinary advisor. For additional information, please contact the WSU Department of Animal Sciences Advisor, Valorie Fisher.