The Admissions Committee views a solid and broad undergraduate experience to be crucial preparation for successful completion of the veterinary curriculum. When evaluating an applicant, the Admissions Committee considers both academic and additional criteria.

Veterinary medicine is a rigorous science based field. When evaluating an applicant, emphasis is placed on physical and biological science preparation. Prerequisite coursework is considered an essential foundation, while excellence in additional upper division science courses further indicate that an applicant is more likely to be able to successfully complete our program. Applicants can major in any subject area, and are evaluated based on the rigor of the coursework completed as requirement of that major.  The committee strongly recommends completion of the baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation to the DVM program. If a baccalaureate degree has not been earned by the time of application or matriculation, the committee will still base its decisions on the strength and breadth of the applicant's educational background. Applicants are evaluated on the strength of prerequisite coursework completed at the time of application.  While some prerequisites may be in progress or planned at the time of application, applicants will be expected to have completed all the prerequisite courses with a C- or higher before entering our program.

We will not evaluate prerequisite coursework until applications are submitted and are under consideration.

We recommend contacting your academic advisor or see our course descriptions and course equivalencies for assistance. If you are an academic advisor and need additional assistance please contact us

  • Science and Math Requirements in Semester Credits
  • Biology w/lab8
  • Inorganic chemistry w/lab8
  • Organic chemistry w/lab4
  • Genetics3-4
  • Biochemistry3
  • Physics w/lab4
  • Statistics (methods)3
  • Algebra, pre-calculus, or higher3
  • General Education Requirements*
  • English composition/communication **6
  • Arts & humanities/social science/history **21
  • Total semester credit hours64
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* If an applicant has received or will receive a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation, the general education prerequisites are considered fulfilled regardless of credit hours. The science and math prerequisites are required regardless of degree(s) earned.

** Course titles/classifications of these requirements may vary by institution. Please follow the institution's graduation requirement standards for a guideline or see the University Common Requirements (UCORE) for course examples.