Featured Students

Featured Students

Student Success: Kendra Rushing-Kuntz

Kendra Rushing-Kuntz

Although she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was seven years old, fourth year Washington State University veterinary student Kendra Otter Rushing-Kuntz (’16 DVM) spent three years of undergraduate school pursuing literature and linguistic studies. Then, one class away from completing her English degree, she remembered what her younger self had known all along: she was meant to be a veterinarian.

The WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and inviting faculty and staff sold Kendra on the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine from the first time she visited. All of the opportunities that she has experienced since making the decision to attend WSU continually prove that it is the right school for her. The first semester surgery skills class and lab that is unique to the WSU CVM curriculum is one of the top reasons WSU is Kendra’s best fit. Because of that class, she had the opportunity to scrub in on an orthopedic surgery in her first month of vet school and participate in a spay/neuter trip with confidence in the winter of her second year.

Kendra loves her less-than-straightforward journey to veterinary school, just as she loves the immersive nature of studying veterinary medicine. She lives the adage “you get out what you put in.” All of the time and effort put into classwork and extracurricular activities is paid back manifold – in experience immediately and opportunities in the future.