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WSU study aims to prevent adverse drug reactions in dogs

by Josh Babcock, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

PULLMAN, Wash. – If not identified before surgery, a rare genetic mutation could result in your dog being exposed to dangerously high levels of anesthetic agents.

Scientists at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine initially discovered the mutation in greyhounds and more recently in other common dog breeds.

The research group, a member of the Program in Individualized Medicine (PrIMe), published its findings last week in Scientific Reports.

For years, veterinarians have known that some greyhounds struggle to break down certain drugs, which results in potentially life-threatening and prolonged recovery periods following anesthesia. The previously unknown genetic mutation that the WSU researchers uncovered in greyhounds causes less of CYP2B11, the enzyme that breaks down these drugs, to be made.

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Medicine that lands on all fours


by Dallen Rose '04, Washington State University Magazine

It’s a cold February morning. Flat gray clouds blanket the sun and snow berms line the streets on the WSU Spokane campus. Outside the University’s Veterinary Specialty Teaching Clinic, several people stand hunched inside their coats, their breath misting in the frigid air. 

The Healthy People + Healthy Pets clinic won’t open its doors for a good 20 minutes, but they’re taking no chances. 

Many of the people standing in line are homeless. Some, like Lori Broomhall, who came here with two puppies on a cross-town bus, are clinging to newfound stability after a stretch of homelessness.

For all of them, this is a rare opportunity to get medical care that would normally be out of reach—for themselves and their pets.

Within minutes of opening, the clinic’s spacious waiting room is packed with people and animals.

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January 22, 2020
VMCAS application opened


March 28, 2020

May 12, 2020
Programs (colleges) are available for selection in VMCAS

April 4, 2020
CVM Open House

April 15, 2020
National AAVMC Acceptance Deadline for offered applicants

September 15, 2020
VMCAS application closes at 11:59pm Eastern Time

Attention, prospective applicants to the WIMU Regional Program in veterinary medicine:

WIMU representatives will be conducting recruitment travel throughout the academic year- watch our website for upcoming dates. Please contact us with any questions  

College of Veterinary Medicine
Danielle Petrini


Danielle Petrini (CA)

Danielle Petrini is a second year veterinary student in the WIMU Regional Program at Washington State University, interested in large animal and equine medicine.


Andrew Kures


Andrew Kures (WA)

Andrew Kures is a second-year student in the College of Veterinary Medicine and is focusing on small animal medicine and practice management.


Ally Quigley


Ally Quigley (MT)

Ally Quigley, a second year veterinary student at Washington State University, wants to specialize in equine neonatal or wildlife medicine.


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