WIMU Program Team


Meet the WSU CVM Student Services Team

The process of applying for veterinary school is not always an easy one, a fact the Student Services Team at WSU College of Veterinary Medicine tries to help manage. We want to help you the best we can so that your application and admissions process will go as smoothly as possible. Chances are you may have a few questions – so, whether you email us, call or even stop by – we thought you'd like to know who it is you will be interacting with!

Student Services - Admissions

Dr. Patricia Talcott

Dr. Patricia Talcott

Director of Admissions


Stacey Poler

Stacey Poler
Student Services Specialist/Recruiter

Phone: 509-335-5107


Stephanie Bontrager
Stephanie Bontrager
Admissions Program Coordinator

Phone: 509-335-1532



Kristine McMurray

Kristine (KT) McMurray
Recruitment Program Coordinator

Phone: 509-335-0615


Student Services - Current Students

Dr, Bill Dernell

Dr. William Dernell
Associate Dean of Student & Academic Affairs


Caitlin Estalilla

Caitlin Estalilla
Academic Coordinator - Years Three and Four

Phone: 509-335-1531

Sue Jacobson

Sue Jacobson
Academic Coordinator - Years One and Two

Phone: 509-335-3654